Conveniently located on US 93 on the west side of Kingman, approximately 1/2 mile west of I-40, Mobil Mart has it all including Mobil fuels, motor oil and clean restrooms. There is easy access to the pumps with plenty of room to maneuver even the largest RV.

Behind the Mobil Mart is a huge parking area if your just stopping for a break. All sizes of RVs are welcome to stop and come in. Semi's and tour buses are also welcome. And for those traveling with a dog, they have a large dog run that your pet will appreicate.

There is a large selection of food and snacks including fresh fruit, hot dogs, popcorn, Nochos, Hostess products, Jerky, ice cream, sandwiches, candy and potato chips.

Beverages available include bottled water, can and bottled soda, flavored can and bottled soda, and power drinks. There are also fountain drinks, coffee, beer & wine, hot choclate, Espresso / Cappuccino and SlurpiesĀ®.

Gifts and decor includes souveniers, T-shirts, Knives, Magnets, Dream Catchers Indian Dolls Coffee Cups, Car Robes Cattle Horns and cowboy hats.

At the check out counter you will also find mints, gum and cigeretts.

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